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My football playing and coaching journey has been incredibly fulfilling and transformative. Witnessing the growth and development of my students drives me. Through continuous learning and adaptation of the latest coaching methodologies, my commitment to fostering a love for the game will continue to positively impact the lives of young athletes all over the globe.

Coach Connor Callahan

Soccer Passion

Authenticity is something that we take most seriously. Much of our revenue comes from affiliate links, but we always retain complete editorial independence and never receive any financial compensation from manufacturers for reviews (you can read more about our content and our process below). And despite continued growth the site remains small at heart and firmly rooted in our local fields. Our editors and gear testers below all live near the soccer pitch and are playing as much as possible because they love it and live it.

Our Content

Starting with gear, we have three main types of gear articles: round-ups covering product categories, in-depth reviews of individual products, and informational content. Primal Keeper Academy’s round-ups provide an overview of the best gear in a particular category (the best soccer coaching equipment or the best soccer balls, for example). To create these articles, we research and test as many products as we can, including established models and recent releases (new is nice, but it isn’t always best). We then whittle our favorites down to a unified list with detail specific breakdowns of each item and a bunch of comparisons along the way. You’ll find a range of price points in our picks—value is an important part of our criteria, and we get that not everyone has a big budget for soccer gear.

Soccer Coach Author Gear Tester Connor Callahan with athletes from his 2023 Summer Camp

Our individual product reviews are exactly as they sound: an in-depth analysis of a specific piece of soccer gear. If the product summaries in our round-ups aren’t quite enough to make a final decision, our in-depth reviews often are (we’re reviewing everything from best soccer coach equipment and goal keeper gloves to best soccer cleats of 2023). Like our round-ups, we think you’ll find our reviews to be detailed, clearly presented, subjective, and extremely helpful. Last but not least, we write a range of informational articles on topics from soccer cameras to how to dribble the ball. These topics are important and complicated enough to merit a full side article, and we enjoy adding our expertise in these areas. 

You’ll also notice travel breakdowns and other adventure-oriented content sprinkled throughout the site, like our upcoming pieces on Going to an Orlando City Soccer Game and Touring Opportunities. Primal Keeper Academy started with a mix of soccer training information (hence the name), outdoor gear coverage, and even a healthy amount of soccer photography. Although our gear content became so popular that we focus much of our time in that space, we still love a good story. That’s why we continue to publish fan based travel content for inspiration and to keep the site as well-rounded as possible. 

Our Process

Our content is a direct reflection of the people creating it. As detailed above, we take pride in having a highly authentic group who genuinely live and breathe the soccer lifestlye. Instead of taking regular writers and having them cover soccer, we place a high priority on soccer experience and gear knowledge when hiring. Our staff has spent countless days and nights on the field, in the locker room, sleeping on buses, getting up early for tournaments, and living what we cover. Our readers want and expect content from true experts, and that’s what we provide.

Soccer Coach Equipment Pre Training

The process doesn’t end there. After a gear-testing trip with our staff or when one of our esteemed freelance testers sends us information and photos, we spend a tremendous amount of time and effort fine-tuning that content to make it great. We often get positive feedback on the clarity, helpfulness, and depth of knowledge reflected in our articles, which is a result of that effort. In terms of photographs, you’ll notice that our images are professional-grade and taken on soccer fields all over the world. This adds to the challenge, but we enjoy the entire process, and it is a distinguishing feature of the site.


To bridge the gap between consistency & fun so you can play the way you've always dreamed.



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