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How to Use a Veo Camera in 10 Simple Steps [Ultimate Guide]

Cute graphic depicting a veo setup on a soccer field on a sunny day showing how to use a Veo Camera
AI came, they took our jobs!! 😉  and now the world of sports is dominated by video cameras. Let’s just face it, documenting and analyzing sports events is an integral part of the youth sporting process. As the smoke clears from the AI invasion one camera stands out among the rest. The Veo camera.
It’s known as one of the best action cameras for recording soccer games and I’m confident that’s why you bought it.

Its remarkable resolution, wide field of view, and seamless integration with modern technology make it the best choice for any soccer enthusiast.

Let’s dive into the step-by-step process of using all of the features so you know how to use a veo camera to its fullest potential.

Table of Contents

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How to Charge Your Veo Camera

Just like with any other electronic device, a Veo camera requires power to function optimally. Before you begin recording your soccer game or any other event, it is crucial to charge the camera fully.

Easy Steps

  • To charge your veo camera, locate the charging port on the device. It is usually located on the side or bottom of the camera.
  • Connect one end of the provided USB cable into it.
  • Find a suitable power source to plug in the USB cable’s other end.
    i.e. Wall socket using an adaptor or Computer’s USB port. Ensure that the power source is stable and reliable for uninterrupted charging.
  • Check for a blinking indicator light on the device showing a specific color. Different models may have different indicators, so consult your user manual for specific information regarding your veo camera’s charging status.
  • It is recommended to leave your Veo camera connected to the power source until it reaches its full battery capacity. This can be up to 4 hrs. Charging times may vary depending on factors such as battery capacity and current charge level.

While waiting for your veo camera to charge completely, take this time to prepare for recording by testing additional equipment such as the stand, router, and your phone.

By following these steps and ensuring that your Veo camera is fully charged before use, you can capture every moment of action without interruptions or concerns about losing valuable footage due to insufficient battery life.

How to Connect Your Veo Camera to a Router

To ensure seamless transmission of all the footage captured during a soccer game, it is imperative to connect your Veo Camera to a router.

Don’t Panic! That sounds much harder than it actually is.

We'll do it together step by step

  • Ensure that your router is turned on and properly functioning. (I’ve missed this step countless times so no judgement.)
  • Locate the Ethernet cable. A.K.A the cord.  This is provided with your veo camera, which resembles a standard LAN cable with an RJ45 connector at both ends.
  • Plug one end into the Ethernet port on your Veo camera.
  • Plug the other end into any available LAN port on your router.
  • To charge your veo camera, locate the charging port on the device. It is usually located on the side or bottom of the camera.

Pro Tip: This Ethernet connection guarantees a stable and reliable transfer of data between your camera and other devices within the network.

  • Go ahead and power on your Veo Camera by pressing the power button while it is either plugged in or while utilizing it’s built-in rechargable battery. If it does not turn on check that the power cord is plugged in or how much charge the battery has.
  • The camera should establish a connection with your router automatically; however, some models may require manual configuration within their settings menu.

If your Veo Camera connected automatically then you can skip ahead to the next step.

  • The camera should establish a connection with your router automatically; however, some models may require manual configuration within their settings menu.

Advanced step: How to setup a fixed IP address

You may want to assign a fixed IP address for consistent connectivity.

  • The camera should establish a connection with your router automatically; however, some models may require manual configuration within their settings menu.
  • The camera should establish a connection with your router automatically; however, some models may require manual configuration within their settings menu.

Now that you have established connectivity between your Veo Camera and router we’re ready to explore its full potential for capturing high-quality footage during soccer games.

How To Use a Veo Camera To Start Recording

Cute graphic depicting a veo setup on a soccer field on a sunny day showing how to use a Veo Camera

1. Field Conditions

  • Daylight and/or evenly well-lit environment.
  • The camera is secure and stable (Veo does not recommend using it in strong winds).
  • Minimal activity around the pitch (avoid other balls/players from other fields).

2. Pre-recording Checklist

  • How much charge in the Rechargable Battery? Veo recommends charging for at least 4 hours before recording.
  • You have installed the Veo Camera app on your device. Click here to get the iOS app or here to get the Android app. 
  • Your Veo Cam has free storage space. You can check this on the camera settings page of the app.
  • Check that both lenses are clean and free of dust, fingerprints, and/or smudges.

2. Set up for Recording

  • Make sure the sun or lights are behind the camera when setting up. Avoid lights directly pointing into the lenses.
  • Set the tripod 3-5 meters from the sideline, aligned with the centerline/half field line.
  • Attach the Veo Cam to the tripod, and then turn it on. You turn it on and let it boot up before you extend the pole to full height.
  • Raise the tripod to the maximum height. After checking that the Veo Camera is fully functional.
  • Connect to the camera via your phone and make sure all four corners are visible on the preview.
  • If you need to you can adjust the tripod for better alignment with the centerline.
  • Press the record button and the Veo Cam will do all of the rest of the work.
  • It’s Game Time! Lett’sss Goooooo!!!! 🎉

How To Connect a Phone To Your Veo Camera

Veo Cameras are designed to seamlessly integrate with your phone. So follow these quick steps and you’ll be recording stunning footage of your favorite sports activities.

Step by Step

  • Ensure that both devices are in close proximity and have their Bluetooth settings turned on.
  • Open the Veo app on your smartphone and selecting the “Connect Camera” option. The app will scan for nearby veo cameras, so make sure your camera is powered on and within range.
  • Once the camera is detected, tap on its name to establish a connection.
  • You may have to enter a pairing code or confirm a prompt on both devices to finalize the connection. This doesn’t happen everytime.
  • Open the Veo app on your smartphone and selecting the “Connect Camera” option.

Now that your phone is paired with your Veo camera, you can proceed to select various settings and modes for recording.

The app interface should allow you easy access to options such as frame rate, resolution, and video quality preferences.

At this point, if you’ve adjusted all desired settings accordingly within the Veo app, you can take advantage of its remote control capabilities through your connected phone.

It’s worth taking a moment to mention that connecting your phone to the veo camera allows for:

  • Seamless Remote Control.
  • Live Streaming Options (depending on model compatibility).
  • Real-time sharing of recorded footage with an audience.

How To Watch The Footage From Your Veo Camera

Once the game is finished, you can access the footage through the Veo mobile app or on a computer.

It doesn’t get much easier than that!

Reviewing game footage on mobile devices offers convenience if you are constantly on-the-move. The Veo mobile app allows you to access all recorded games anywhere directly from your smartphones or tablets.

How To Upload Veo Camera Footage To Veo Camera Portal

Step by Step

  • Check that the camera is connected to a stable internet connection. This can be done by connecting it to your home or office Wi-Fi network.
  • Once connected, navigate to the veo camera portal on your computer or mobile device.
  • Log in using your account credentials and locate the option for uploading videos.

To upload videos from the veo camera to the portal, you have two options:

  • Option A: Via an SD card
  1. Remove the SD Card from the veo camera insert it into your computer’s card reader or use an external SD card reader if necessary.
  2. Locate the folder containing your recorded footage on the SD card.
  3. Select all the files you want to upload.
  4. Drag and drop them into the designated area on the camera portal’s upload page.

  • Option B: Directly through a USB connection.

If you prefer a direct USB connection, connect your veo camera to your computer using a USB cable provided with your equipment. The computer should recognize the veo as an external device and display its contents.

Regardless of which method you choose, ensure that all selected videos are being uploaded successfully before proceeding further.
We always recommend that you double-check that there are no errors during this process because losing any of your own footage can be disheartening!

How To View Veo Camera Recordings

Ensure that your camera is connected to the internet and that it has been properly set up with the required software. Once this is done, access the camera portal on your computer or mobile device.

The camera portal will contain all the footage recorded by your Veo camera, neatly organized for easy browsing.

When viewing recordings, it is important to note that different cameras may offer various playback options.

Accessing and viewing recordings captured by a Veo camera is a straightforward process that requires an internet connection and familiarity with its accompanying software.

How To Connect Veo Camera to the Internet

The process of connecting your veo camera to the internet is relatively straightforward and can be accomplished in just a few steps. Follow along:

Step by Step

  • Ensure that your veo camera is powered on and in an active state.

Pro Tip: This can be done by checking the LED indicator light on the device, which should be solid or blinking, indicating it is ready for use.

  • Navigate to the settings menu on your Veo camera’s interface and locate the “Network Settings” option.
  • Upon selecting “Network Settings,” you will be presented with different connectivity options. Choose the desired wireless network from the available list, ensuring that you are within range of a stable internet connection.
  • If prompted, provide any necessary login credentials or security keys required for authentication.
  • Once connected to an internet network, your veo camera will establish a link between itself and external servers.

This connection enables you to enjoy various online functionalities provided by veo’s platform, such as live streaming capabilities or uploading recorded footage directly to their cloud-based storage system.

I feel that it is worth noting that a stable internet connection is crucial for optimal performance when using your Veo camera.

A poor connection may result in buffering issues while streaming or longer upload times when transferring footage to remote platforms.

Congratulations! If you have successfully connected your Veo camera to the internet then you have unlocked its full potential.

How To Record with Your Veo Camera While It Charges

FAQ: Can you record a soccer game while charging your Veo camera?

  • Yes!

The Veo camera allows users to seamlessly record while it is connected to a power source, ensuring uninterrupted footage throughout the entire duration of the game.

Step by Step

  • Connect the veo camera to a power outlet using the provided charging cable.
  • Make sure that the camera is securely plugged in and receiving power.
  • Ensure that the camera is properly positioned and focused on the desired area of the field.
  • Ensure that the camera is properly positioned and focused on the desired area of the field.

The process of recording while charging does not necessitate any additional adjustments or modifications to your usual recording settings.

Simply follow your preferred recording setup, such as selecting a specific angle or adjusting zoom settings, based on your level of experience and desired shot composition.

Bonus Tips For How To Use Veo Cameras

How To Use a Veo Camera FAQs:

You can only select teams associated with your Veo Account. To live-stream from other teams ask an admin to add you to the team – Go back into the Veo Camera app – Log Out and Log in again – Connect to the camera, and now you should be able to select the team to start the live streaming.

Veo’s AI needs to know the corners of a pitch to follow the action. Most of the time, the AI can set the corners themselves, but it might need your help once in a while to validate the corners are correctly selected.

The live stream feature have been built for football(soccer), so you can expect great performance and support for this sport. However, we have seen many clubs using it for other sports, such as lacrosse, rugby, handball, etc, and getting great results.

We encourage you to go to the Live app and search for the sport you’re interested in; there’s a good chance you’ll find something to asses the quality.

If the camera loses internet access for more than 5 minutes, the live stream will stop by default. However, Veo Cam 2 will continue to record, so you will always have the full recording to upload to the Veo platform.

Yes, if you are a Club admin, you can remove live streams using the Stream Management in the Profile section of the Veo Live app. To learn more visit the following articles. How to remove a live stream from the Veo Live app

If you are not sure how much data you need to live stream, we recommend you to visit the Veo Site, there you will find a calculator that can help you. You will enter the number of games you expect to live stream every month and the required data plans will be suggested.

You can connect your camera to the internet via nano SIM-card with a 4G data plan and you also have the option to connect your Veo Cam 2 to a Wi-fi network.

No, you can only view them in the Veo Live App right now, but it is something veo is looking into. If it is something you are required to do or you’re simply interested in it, please reach out to them about your situation here to see how they can help.


By connecting the veo camera to a phone or other mobile device, users can easily watch the recordings, create highlight reels, and share important aspects of the game with others. With its user-friendly features and advanced technology, the veo camera stands out among other soccer video camera options. Click here if you’re ready to start recording today!

We hope this helped you learn How To Use a Veo Camera.

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