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Coach Connor with his undefeated tournament team infront of the trophy

Have you ever noticed how seamless English Premier League team trainings look? 🤔

Is it the pristine fields, world class players, or is it their 💣 @$$ Soccer Coach Equipment that makes their trainings run smoothly? 

Whether you have zero prior playing experience or no pieces of soccer coach equipment yet, you can still run premier league quality training sessions.

You don’t have to research because I have already put together this comprehensive guide for soccer coaches who want the best soccer coach equipment.

Scroll down and see the un-ranked list here and now? Take a look below!

Table of Contents

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Best Overall

soccer coach equipment in use agility poles and cones

Agility Poles

Most helpful and durable pieces of equipment a coach can own.

Importance: 5/5

Uses: 5/5

Setup Time: sub ~ 1 min

Pricing: 4/5

Durability: 5/5

Runner Up

soccer coach equipment agility poles and pugs

Pug Goals

Most helpful and durable pieces of equipment a coach can own.

Importance: 5/5

Uses: 4/5

Setup Time: sub ~ 1 min

Pricing: 3/5

Durability: 5/5

Best Beginner

Soccr Caoch Equipment Pinnies / Bibs

Pinnies / Bibs

Most helpful and durable pieces of equipment a coach can own.

Importance: 5/5

Uses: 4/5

Setup Time: sub ~ 1 min

Pricing: 5/5

Durability: 5/5

Curious why I chose these as my top three pieces of soccer coach equipment?

I explain further down the article.

Are you wondering how you can capitalize on soccer coaching and advanced training equipment creating a huge shift in the soccer training industry?

Well, you’re in luck. This blog post will list some of the best pieces of soccer coach equipment in 2023.

“Soccer in America is finally on the rise. In 2004, just two percent of Americans named soccer as their favorite sport. 18 years later, that figure is up to eight percent. In comparison, while baseball was the most popular sport in 1960 at 34 percent, today it is down to just nine.” – The Field Justice

As interest in the sport skyrockets opportunities surface. Learning how to coach or running the best trainings can benefit many people.

The best news? 

You can start to profit from coaching in little to no time if you have a prior background in the sport. How to start coaching soccer with little to no experience.

I am a soccer coach for South Orlando Soccer Club , Orlando City Community Soccer Outreach & Boone High School, which has been amazing.

Essential Soccer Coach Equipment Primal Keeper

I founded a private soccer training company, where I ran elite custom trainings and developed in-depth training e-courses, and around that point, I started making money through blogging and YouTube. Soon I’ll be helping other coaches build their coaching companies, and allow them to focus on the field while they earn passive income online.

What Are The Best Pieces of Soccer Coach Equipment?

The best piece of Soccer Coach equipment is Agility Poles.

There’s no question that every soccer coach could use a little extra training structure. But with the hustle and bustle of trainings, it can be tough to find the right training flow.

Since you’re looking for inspiration, here are best pieces of soccer coach equipment to buy in my opinion. Yes that’s right! I ~Coach Connor Callahan~ stand by this non-ordered list!

1. Agility Poles

Connor's Top Pick

Listen, a case can be made for a few of the other items on this list but I stand by what I said. This is my favorite piece of soccer coach equipment by far!

Agility poles are a necessary piece of equipment for any coach who wants to get the best from their players.

Not only can you run drills with your agility poles through unique configuration, but you can also use them to setup fields and goals.

If you’re creative and passionate about your training sessions, you can use your agility poles to develop your players and eventually turn it into a full-fledged coaching structure.

So why not give them a try? You might find that agility poles are the perfect soccer coaching equipment.

You can run effective soccer drills in a variety of different ways such as:

  • Beginner and Advanced Dribbling Drills
  • Agility Drills
  • Player vs Player Drills
  • Finishing Drills
  • Goal Keeper Drills

2. Pinnies and Bibs

Listen up, coaches!

Imagine trying to run a possession drill or a scrimmage and watching your players collide like bumper cars because they can’t tell who’s on their team.

Chaos… but hillarios! Am I Right? 😂

That’s why pinnies and bibs are so important. They’re there to help your team, effortlessly make passes and executing strategies.

By the end of the season they’re known as the “Smelly Pinnies” and that’s okay. It’s endearing.

They are a coach’s secret sauce to cranking up the teamwork and dialing down the confusion.

 Pro Tip: Be nice. Take those sweaty things out of your car and wash them at least once a week!

3. Portable Charger

When your phone battery dips low you’re dangerously close to a coaching catastrophe.

This is a personal experience. Not a fake story.

Picture this: You’re at a tournament surrounded by fields that are poorly numbered. Rain delays earlier in the day have caused times and fields to switch.

The field your players are warming up on is still empty. No ref and no opponents… You get a call from a number you don’t know. A text comes through with the top line reading–


Your phone flickers one last low-battery warning …. and then.. dies.

Do Not Let This Be You.

If your phone is dead, then you’re sidelined. Your phone is your playbook, your team hub, and your game-day oracle all rolled into one.

With a fast-charging portable charger, you’re never in this situation.

Invest in a charger that’s as relentless as you are.

4. Collapsible Goals "Pug goals"

Let’s be real—every coach around the world will tell that you need Soccer Pug Goals in your coaching arsenal.

Why? Because these aren’t just goals; they’re a game-changer.

These goals are your secret weapon for dynamic training sessions anywhere—a park, a field, you name it.

Toss them in the trunk or carry them by hand; these goals are the definition of portability.

And durability? It’s a non-issue. Look I have agility poles stabbed in mine. And I do this all of the time.

Unleash the squad’s full firepower; these pug goals can take your squads full fire power without a flinch.

At the end of practice they collapse and stow away in minutes, ready for the next drill-packed session.

5. Electric Pump

Ever find yourself wrestling with a manual pump just minutes before practice begins? We’ve all been there, and it’s time to embrace change: in the form of the electric pump.

Imagine reclaiming those precious minutes to strategize and truly engage with your players instead of doing a workout with your hand pump.

This gadget inflates soccer balls in seconds flat—no sweat, no hassle!

No more flat balls, wonky bounces, or awkward drills.

In soccer, consistency is king. So, ditch the “it’s just a pump” mindset.

An electric soccer ball pump delivers the exact air pressure you need, every single time.

This isn’t an expense; it’s an investment in victory, in skill development, and in your career as a soccer coach.

6. Free Kick Mannequins

Mannequins train your players to visualize the game, boosting their decision-making skills like you wouldn’t believe.

And let’s talk muscle memory. Every shot curved around these life-sized defenders is another step towards in-game mastery.

We’re not just talking about individual skill here. We’re talking total team synchronization during set pieces.

It translates to real-game.

Your offensive line moving like a well-oiled machine, exploiting gaps you didn’t even know existed.

Sturdy, height-adjustable MVPs are what I call them. And they’re easily portable for any training ground, indoor or out.

 So, if you’re a coach who prioritizes fostering skill, intuition, and game-changing strategy, free kick mannequins aren’t just a “good-to-have,” they’re a “got-to-have!”

7. Rebounders

If I’m being honest with you I only use my rebounder when I am working with clients one on one. That does not mean it is not crucial to own.

You have to have different angles and options in any drill. If it’s just you and the player then who is the other option there genius.

This adds in all types of elements from quick one-touch passes to powerful volleys, making your athlete think on their feet.

And let’s talk about first-touch training; nothing replicates the unpredictable bounces and speeds of an actual game better.

Traditional basic drills without a passing option? They can’t measure up to the real-time feedback and excitement a soccer rebounder offers, inspiring your players to push their limits.

You also free up time for all of this:

  • Resetting the drill while the athlete gets touches.
  • Get up close visual of their passing form.
  • Incorporate turning drills into your exercise.
  • Incorporate one touch shooting drills.

So if you’re considering running private coaching lessons then I recommend you purchase a soccer rebounder the first chance you get.

8. Magnetic Coaching Board

Imagine a tool so dynamic it turns every huddle into a tactical war room, yet so simple you’ll wonder how you ever managed without it.

Enter the Magnetic Coaching Board: this isn’t your grandma’s whiteboard.

This is strategy visualization on steroids.

Picture being in the heat of the match, the clock winding down, and you need to shift gears—fast.

Grab your Magnetic Coaching Board and watch your players’ eyes light up as they instantly grasp your game-winning plan.

Slide those magnetic markers into position as smoothly as glaze on a donut, and BOOM—your tactical brilliance is expressed to every player on the team.

What’s even better is your showing your tactics in real time, in the atmosphere, creating a fully interactive learning experience.

This baby is the real deal: no smudges, no tech glitches, and absolutely no room for misunderstanding.

9. Cones

Ever told a player to go over there? You can point. You can be specific. You can say it repeatedly and they’re still as lost as can be… To this day it blows my mind.

Just set a cone down before hand and say, “Go to the cone.” Problem solved.

Now sure, cones can be the fallback of uninspired training sessions—but that’s not the fault of the cone; it’s the coach who isn’t unlocking their full potential.

Soccer is an evolving landscape where agility, spatial awareness, and tactical genius come into play.

Use them strategically to:

  • Make your agility drills a labyrinth of speed and precision.
  • Build high-octane dribbling exercises that hone ball control.
  • Lay them on the ground In tactical discussions and watch them morph into your visual chessboard. Creating dynamic formations like this can swing the momentum of any match.
  • Sprinting around cones in unpredictable patterns mimics game-time chaos, preparing your players to switch gears resulting in faster break aways.
  • And let’s not forget the young players who see these cones not as mere markers, but as vibrant tools making learning both fun and effective.

As long as soccer is played on earth you’ll need cones for training.

10. Smart Watch

Smart Watches are the game-changer you didn’t know you needed on the soccer field.

Imagine, as you’re masterfully commanding your team through drills and game plays, you’ve got real-time data strapped to your wrist like a secret weapon.

Track your own fitness metrics during those long practices—heart rate, steps, calories burned—and set the standard for what athletic excellence should look like.

Let’s talk tactics. Set timers for specific drills, ensuring every second on that field counts. Plus, with integrated GPS, track your players’ movements, analyze in-game strategies and adjust your game plan on the fly.

But it’s not just about what you can track; it’s also about what you can access.

From game scores and player stats to crucial notifications, get what you need without juggling multiple devices.

This isn’t a delicate trinket; it’s a rugged tool designed for the chaos of the game you love.

It’s time to embrace the next level in coaching; it’s time for the Smart Watch.

11. Goal Shot Targets

You can find them in any goal size. From full size to smaller advanced goals. These zones mimic real-game situations.

Soccer target nets give your players the visual cues they crave.

The result? Muscle memory that turns every shot into a potential game-winner.

Imagine your players threading their shoots through defenders or hitting those tight corners with confidence, all because they’ve trained under realistic conditions.

More than just improving shot accuracy, these amplify decision-making skills and ratchet up on-field confidence.

Integrate a Soccer Target Net into your drills, and you’re not just focusing on marksmanship; you’re crafting well-rounded athletes ready to dominate any finishing scenario.

12. Whistle

The first day you forget your whistle at home will be the day you understand how important it is.

Try it. Be my guest.

When that whistle cuts through the air, players know it’s time to focus, whether you’re halting a scrimmage or launching into the next drill.

It’s an instant discipline generator that amplifies your command over the chaos of the pitch.

This is a tool that’s evolved alongside the sport for a reason, available in materials from stainless steel to cutting-edge plastics.

When people are running around everywhere on the field and seconds count, you can’t afford miscommunication.

A shout can get lost in the wind or drowned out by the roar of spectators, but a sonic blast whistle—ah, that piercing clarity—cuts through it all.

Your instructions become non-negotiable; your decisions, unquestionable. So, don’t underestimate this coaching essential.

12. GPS for Player Vests & Cleats

Soccer coaching has become as much of an art as it is a finely tuned science.

Your coaching instincts pared with precision that only GPS player trackers can offer.

We’re in an era where details define champions, where every sprint, stop, and heart-thump counts.

Now, I’m not saying we toss out tradition. But can you really afford to overlook the goldmine of data these gadgets provide?

Speed, distance, acceleration, heart rate—metrics that unveil not just how a player is performing but how they could be thriving.

Unlocking potential your strategies in real-time, tailor fitness plans down to the individual, and heck, even steer clear of injuries by monitoring workload and recovery.

Soccer isn’t just an art form or a numbers game; it’s a fusion of both. And it’s time to embrace the tools that can enhance the finest details of your coaching. Click here for CLEATS >>>  Click here for VESTS >>>

14. Medical Kit

This isn’t just a box of band-aids; it’s a full-fledged first aid station right at your fingertips.

From adhesive bandages to sterile gauze, antiseptic wipes to instant cold packs, this kit is your front-line defense against everything.

Cuts and blisters to sprains and even more serious injuries.

Imagine this—your star forward takes an elbow to the head while fighting for a header. What now?

If you’ve got your trusty medical kit by your side, you’re already leagues ahead.

Show your players that their well-being is your top priority and instill a level of confidence that keeps morale high and doubt low.

Forget glamorous—this is crucial.

Your Medical Kit isn’t an accessory; it’s a lifeline.

Invest in one, and you’re not just buying supplies; you’re buying peace of mind for you and your team.

15. Water Hydration Pack with Bladder

You’re out there, barking orders, your team’s morale hanging on your every word.

You’re the conductor of this symphony of sweat and skill, but even conductors must keep their bodies fueled.

That scorching hot plastic-flavored little water bottle isn’t going to cut it.

Imagine the sun’s a fireball, and your throat’s a desert, but you are unfazed because your water pack’s got your back, literally.

It’s like having a personal fountain of rejuvenation that keeps you at peak performance.

And it’s not just a one-trick pony; stash your extra whistles, energy bars, and even first-aid essentials in its compartments.

Lead by example and show your team that champions build themselves in the gym and maintain themselves in the small moments of preparation and self-care.

Trust me, invest in a Water Hydration Backpack with Bladder, and you’re not just quenching thirst; you’re fueling victory.

16. Rain Gear

Imagine you’re on the sidelines, playbook in hand, your eyes scanning the field as your team battles it out.

Suddenly, the heavens open up, and a torrential downpour unleashes.

That flimsy poncho you shoved in your bag months ago isn’t coming to save you now.

The other coach throws on his heavy-duty fortress of dryness. Of course they have one..

You’re stuck standing there. Drenched, shivering, and your strategies are quickly blurring along with your vision.

Sound familiar? The answer is simple: quality rain gear.

Trust me, your playbook will thank you when it is tucked safely in sealed pockets.

 Be unstoppable, no matter what Mother Nature thinks she’s planning.

17. Megaphone

This beast is your best friend in training sessions.

Want to drill your team on tactics, formations, or set pieces?

Your voice, fueled by the megaphone’s power, reaches each player with crystal-clear precision.

This isn’t just about making noise; it’s about wielding influence, instilling discipline, and cranking up the respect meter to eleven.

18. Backpack

Think of it as your portable command center with meticulously designed compartments to house your pinnies, cones, magnetic boards, first aid kit, and, yes, even those essential energy bars.

No more fumbling, no more chaos; you’re streamlined.

Durability? Check! We’re talking materials engineered to brave rain, wind, and that over-enthusiastic Gatorade dump.

Comfort? Absolutely. Padded straps and back support mean you can spend extra time without an extra ache.

Special compartments? Yep! Your best high-tech coaching tools keep you ahead of the game.

Watch that last-minute strategy video or pull up player stats without skipping a beat.

And hey, who said coaches can’t have swagger? Grab the coaching soccer backpack you deserve.

Don’t settle for less.

19. Energy Bars

Forget chalky, cardboard-tasting energy bars.

We’re talking about meticulously crafted, nutrient-dense powerhouses that give you the fuel you crave and the stamina you need.

Imagine if you had the perfect blend of protein for muscle recovery, complex carbs for lasting energy, and healthy fats to keep you full and focused.

Opt for Protein Energy Bars with a smooth, sustained energy curve, or go for a protein-rich option post-match to kickstart recovery.

And let’s not forget the flavor!

So, pair them with water or sports drinks to stay in peak form all day.

Your coaching and your stomach will thank you.

Coach like a pro and fuel up right!

20. Energy Drinks

Time is ticking, Coach! You’ve got young talent to mold and games to win, but let’s not ignore the fatigue setting in after hours on the field.

Energy drinks could keep you at your peak. No, they’re not a magic wand or a substitute for real rest and recovery, but they deliver in the clutch moments when you need that quick surge of vitality.

We’re not talking just caffeine, but also a blend of taurine, B vitamins, and amino acids designed to quick-step you back into coaching action.

We preach the fundamentals. Hydration and balanced nutrition still take the championship trophy.

But we are right there with you, keeping that Energy Drink can within arm’s reach. Be sure you don’t sideline the H2O.

Find your match-day balance!

21. Goalkeeper Gloves

Don’t underestimate the importance of top-notch goalkeeper gloves

Think about it: The gloves are the last line of defense and sometimes the reason for the make-or-break save.

Meticulously engineered with high-grip palm surfaces, these gloves let your goalkeeper master the ball, even when it’s a downpour.

Advanced padding zones shield their knuckles and fingers from collisions and injuries. It’s not just foam and fabric; it’s confidence sewn into every stitch.

Cutting-edge features like finger spines, ventilation systems, and weather-specific designs mean you’re not just handing your goalkeeper gloves. You’re giving your team an edge.

Here is my list of the best goalkeeper gloves?

Invest in goal keeper gloves that save the team’s @$$

22. Headphones

Navigating through busy airports and setting up training sessions in bustling environments can be a challenge.

That’s where Noise-Cancelling Headphones come in.

Not just another travel accessory, they’re your ticket to tranquility amidst chaos. Setting up or breaking down training in noisy venues?

Block out those distracting background noises and zero in on perfecting every detail. Long layovers or noisy commutes? Transform them into peaceful retreats.

These Noise Cancelling Headphones aren’t a luxury; they’re essential for the traveler and the diligent organizer, ensuring you stay focused on what truly matters. Turn travel and setup woes into seamless experiences. Elevate your journey, every step of the way.

23. Hat

Spending every day in the sun will cook you. The best cure for skin cancer is never to get it.

Like many others, you might raise an eyebrow at UV protective hats making their way onto the soccer field, but this is no mere trend.

It’s a secret weapon. Sure, a splash of SPF 50+ on your skin might do the trick for a moment, but be honest. Do you reapply like you’re supposed to?

UV protective hats do more than shield you from the unforgiving UV rays that can lead to long-term skin damage.

It also serves as your strategic visor in the heat of the game.

No more squinting or shading your eyes with your hand as you zero in on a play.

The hat’s brim cuts glare and amps up your visual acuity, allowing you to execute tactical decisions with sniper-like precision.

It elevates your game, protects your health, and, let’s face it, adds a touch of swag to your sideline demeanor.

Click the pictures to browse the hats >>>

24. Cleats

Listen, you’re the conductor. You set the tempo of the team. It starts from the top down.

Now, your feet are on that field daily, directing drills, demonstrating technique, and showcasing what excellence looks like.

So why are you wearing worn-out cleats?

Sure, every year, new cleats come out. That’s a good thing: better traction, more stability, and improved comfort.

These aren’t frills; they’re fundamentals.

Quality isn’t a luxury—it’s a necessity, and you owe it to yourself and your team to be at your best.

You, as the coach, set the standard.

After all, how can you expect your players to invest in the best if you don’t do the same for yourself?

New season, new cleats. Come on, it’s time to get the Best Soccer Cleats of 2023 coach.

25. Sunscreen

Don’t underestimate the game-changing power of sunscreen, coaches! This isn’t just beachwear; it’s your field armor.

We’re out there, day in, day out, strategizing under the blazing sun—both for matches and those never-ending training sessions.

And hey, your tactical brilliance won’t matter if you’re forced to stop coaching due to long-term skin damage.

Go for that broad-spectrum, high-SPF shield; Sunscreen it’s non-negotiable.

It fights off both UVA and UVB rays, so you’re protected from premature aging and the real menace: skin cancer.

Opt for waterproof or sweat-resistant formulas.

And while you’re at it, become that role model your team needs. Show them it’s not just about corner kicks and headers; it’s also about long-term health and well-being.

Slather it on, coaches—your future self and your team will thank you for making sunscreen an everyday necessity!

26. Flat Dot Markers

Your players will get accustomed to recognizing the lay of the land, not a forest of cones.

They’re training wheels that don’t feel like training wheels, developing your athletes’ innate sense of space and positioning.

And hey, your tactical brilliance won’t matter if you’re forced to stop coaching due to long-term skin damage.

Go for that broad-spectrum, high-SPF shield; it’s non-negotiable.

Perfect for precision-based drills and tactics without the stumbling blocks—literally.

Agility and speed drills? They’re your go-to markers for creating paths that help athletes finesse their footwork.

Tactical setups? Lay them out for set pieces and positional plays to give your players a bird’s eye view of strategy without obstructive visual noise.

Trust me, you’re not just improving your sessions once you integrate these Flat Dot Markers. You’re elevating your players’ entire understanding of soccer dynamics.

So make the switch; less is more, especially when ‘less’ makes you more of a winner.

27. Blow Up Mannequins

At some point your players need to weave through life-sized obstacles, fine-tuning their dribbling and spatial awareness skills.

Unlike static cones or poles, these Blow Up Mannequins bring an element of realism that challenges players to think on their feet.

It hinders the players line of site which is good for injecting a level of intensity into your practices that traditional equipment can’t match.

You can set them up in defensive formations to teach intricate strategies or use them as target men for crossing and finishing drills.

And regarding durability, we’re talking about high-quality materials that can withstand the wear and tear of your most grueling sessions.

28. Bow Frame Match Goals

Have you ever dealt with an ultra-dangerous toppling goal situation in the middle of your drill?

Lucky you…

I bought these because of their sturdy construction, engineered to withstand blazing shots or collisions. And… Oh Yeah! They don’t freaking collapse on my players!

But don’t let their robust build fool you; these game-changers are incredibly portable.

Assemble, disassemble, and move them quickly, whether coaching home games or hitting the road.

Tailor your training further by choosing from various goal sizes to fit your players’ skill levels while benefiting from adjustable net tensioning systems that kill those bounce-back blues.

From precision shooting exercises to complex defensive drills, Bow Frame Match Goals adapt seamlessly, offering a realistic environment that fosters skill, strategy, and confidence.

I’ve been using a Bownet for years and will continue to use them for many more to come!

29. Thermo Molded Match Soccer Balls

These thermo-molded gems provide a level of durability and flight stability that’s a game-changer.

Skeptical about the technology? This isn’t bells and whistles; it’s science.

The thermo molding process fuses panels seamlessly, making the ball less prone to wear and tear.

It stays round, and it stays reliable, even after the toughest drills and the most intense matches.

This isn’t just about longer-lasting soccer balls; it’s about investing in performance and focusing on what really matters: sharpening skills, enhancing strategy, and winning games.

30. Hurdles

We’re all after the same goal, aren’t we?

Unbeatable agility, speed, and laser-like focus.

Hurdles don’t just offer an obstacle to jump over; they’re a challenge that hones your players’ explosive leg strength essential for shooting or leaping for headers.

From lateral jumps that sharpen the players’ ability to change direction on a dime to passing drills that demand precision under pressure.

 Side Note

  • Getting your players to jump as high as they can a few times every practice is a great way to increase sprint speed and leg strength.

31. Sun Glasses

 Imagine standing on the sideline, the sun beating down or stadium lights glaring, and you’re still cool as a cucumber, tracking every play, every formation shift, every moment that makes or breaks a match.

Why? Because you’ve got polarized, UV-protective lenses fine-tuned for the game.

No squinting, no eye fatigue, just crystal-clear vision that lets you see plays unfold in real-time, even in the harshest light conditions.

This isn’t about fashion—it’s about functionality on a whole new level.

32. Collapsible Wagon

Unlock unparalleled convenience and up your coaching game with a Sturdy Collapsible Wagon.

Better known as your mobile command center for everything from soccer balls to training cones.

Forget shouldering eight straps to lug heavy equipment across fields or settling for makeshift solutions.

With a foldable wagon, you can easily transport all your soccer coach equipment wherever the game takes you.

From drills to scrimmages, have everything at your fingertips, organized and ready for action.

Its robust construction ensures that no terrain, be it muddy fields or gravel parking lots, is too challenging.

And when the day’s done? Your Collapsible Wagon folds up compactly, making storage a breeze—even in the most cramped equipment rooms.

33. Agility Ladder

This tool elevates foot speed, agility, and endurance, converting players into unstoppable forces on the field.

When your players weave through this ladder, they’re rewiring their muscle memory for killer dribbles and evasive maneuvers that leave opponents biting dust.

This isn’t about creating mini Messis or Ronaldos; it’s about chiseling a well-rounded athlete ready for the 90th-minute sprints, high-pressure ball control, and tactical brilliance.

The agility ladder isn’t a magic wand but incorporated wisely, it’s an ace up your sleeve to optimize training and make practices engaging.

34. Ball Bag

More than just a bag, it’s an organizational powerhouse.

Separate compartments for match balls and training balls? Check.
Extra pockets for your whistles, cones, and other essential gear? You bet.

And let’s not forget about portability: handles, shoulder straps, even wheels. Your bag, your choice.

Stop wasting precious practice time rummaging for equipment or untangling ball cords.

35. Soccer Ball Storage Cart

In the demanding world of soccer, preparation is key. Gone are the days of chaotic setups and misplaced balls. Imagine a training session where every ball is in its place, ready for action.

The Soccer Ball Storage Equipment Cart is more than a tool—it’s your pitch-side personal assistant. No more backbreaking ball carrying or last-minute scrambles.

With this cart, every practice becomes a masterclass in efficiency. Don’t just manage your sessions; elevate them.

For a drill that starts flawlessly and a team that trains seamlessly, make this cart your field’s MVP. Upgrade, organize, conquer.

36. Pop Up Canopy Tent

This isn’t just a tent; it’s a climate-controlled strategy hub.

Unfurl this bad boy in seconds to shield your athletes from harmful UV rays, protecting them from heat exhaustion and dehydration.

Suddenly, your players are recharged, focused, and ready to dominate.

Lay out your tactical boards, rally your players, and turn this shelter into your team’s think tank.

37. Training Defender Silhouette

Soccer Mannequins

The Training Defender Silhouette delivers dynamic, game-like scenarios.

Your players will swear they’re dribbling past real defenders.

But it’s not a defender making it a safety game-changer because it allows your athletes to push their limits without risk of injury.

Simulate complex defensive formations or drill down on intricate attacking techniques; this tool is essential for all soccer coaches.

This equipment gives a pro experience, heightening spatial awareness, decision-making, and creative playmaking like never before.

Adapt it for indoor or outdoor use, individual drills, or team-wide exercises.

38. Action Camera

Imagine having a bird’s-eye view to dissect every sprint, tackle, and goal in real-time.

This isn’t about amassing another piece of equipment; it’s about amplifying your strategic arsenal.

Analyze player movements, critique tactics, and fine-tune your team’s physical performance from perspectives you’ve never seen before.

From agility drills to pivotal in-game moments, the insights derived from an Action Camera’s high-quality, multi-angle footage are your fast pass to developing the next generation of soccer greats.

39. AI Cameras

Imagine capturing every sprint, every pass, and every defensive maneuver in detail.

These aren’t just AI Cameras; they’re your new high-tech coaching assistants, tracking individual player metrics—speed, distance, even heart rate—in real time.

Make gut calls backed by data, customize drills based on actual, on-the-field performance, and give actionable, pinpoint feedback like never before.

AI Camera the Veo as an example

And let’s not forget team strategy; these cameras capture the whole field from multiple angles, allowing you to break down formations, techniques, and even your opponents’ moves in unprecedented detail.

Are you worried about costs and learning curves?

Trust me, the results of heightened player performance, sharper strategies, and a leg up on the competition will make every penny you spend on the best ai cameras worthwhile.

44. GK Deflector

A cutting-edge tool that simulates the chaotic, unpredictable nature of actual matches.

No more stale, repetitive drills; the Gk Deflector’s dynamic rebounding net keeps goalkeepers on their toes, forcing them to make split-second decisions from various angles and distances.

It’s fully adjustable to tailor the challenge to specific skill sets, from diving saves to high-ball mastery. 

But it’s more than just a physical workout; it hones mental understanding and situational awareness, qualities you can’t instill with traditional methods alone.

Bonus: It ramps up player engagement like you wouldn’t believe, adding a shot of adrenaline to your training sessions.

45. Speed Parachute

Run like the wind by running against it.

Amplify speed, explosiveness, and endurance.

Imagine your players not just sprinting but sprinting smarter, each stride enhanced by calibrated resistance that forces leg muscles to work overtime.

We’re talking about soccer-specific stamina that lasts the full 90 minutes, making late-game fatigue a thing of the past.

While others stick with just cones and ladders, you’ll be the coach who weaponized the wind, yielding players who outpace and outlast the competition.

46. Soccer Tennis Set

Imagine fusing the thrill of tennis with the finesse of soccer to cultivate an environment where ball control meets rapid decision-making.

Engage your players in one-touch airborne rallies over a durable net, simulating real-game pressure scenarios while fostering teamwork and communication.

Setup the net in seconds with my favorite soccer tennis net – click here

Stage high-intensity micro-matches that sharpen technique, boost agility and enhance strategic thinking all on one compact, multi-surface-compatible court.

47. Crocs or Slides

How do you feel about effortlessly transitioning from on-field tactics to off-field logistics with the quick slip-on, slip-off convenience of slides?

We’re not just talking about footwear; we’re talking about a coaching lifestyle choice that tells your players, “I’m approachable, I get you, and I’m human, too.”

Whether overseeing light practice drills or engaging with young players in a laid-back summer camp setting, don’t underestimate the subtle but powerful impact your footwear can have on team dynamics and your well-being.

It’s time to kick old habits to the curb and choose comfort and versatility.

It’s time to kick old habits to the curb and choose comfort and versatility.

Your feet, and maybe even your players, will thank you, whichever you pick.

48. Grip Socks

They’re a game-changing asset that could supercharge your players’ performance and safety.

The stability Grip Socks offer gives your players the confidence to make split-second cuts, turns, and explosive movements without the dread of falling flat on their faces.

And hey, a stable player is a focused player, and a focused player is a winning player.

Bring in grip socks and bring out the best in your team, both in skill and safety.

49. Athletic Shorts

These aren’t your run-of-the-mill shorts.

Explicitly designed for soccer coaching, they give you the edge you need.

Optimal mobility for those high-intensity drills, durability to withstand quick sprints and sudden direction changes, and pockets—yes, pockets!—to keep your whistle, strategy notepad, or even a set of colorful markers within arm’s reach.

These shorts moisture-wicking, breathable fabrics keep you cool, whether under the scorching sun or in the thick of an adrenaline-pumping match.

This is more than clothing; it symbolizes your authority, expertise, and commitment to the game.

50. Leg Sleeves

When you’re out there coaching, every drill and demo you run isn’t just about showcasing technique. It’s a physical toll on your own body.

That’s where leg sleeves, made from scientifically crafted compression materials, become your unsung hero.

They’re your armor against muscle fatigue, reducing those energy-sapping vibrations in your legs so you can outlast any training session.

And talk about recovery! Leg Sleeves help flush out lactic acid, so you’re always ready for the next challenge.

Think they’ll slow you down? Think again. Engineered for comfort, they’re lightweight and flexible enough to make you forget you’re even wearing them.

51. Shin Guards

Kids leave things. Ask any parent. It’s just what they do.

So that’s why shin guards are on this list. Do I expect you to bring shin guards for you to wear while you’re at training? No. No I do not.

They are a backup pair of Quality Shin Guards for your kids.

It really doesn’t matter what type you buy. I choose to bring the lightest pair I can.

They have options out there from lightweight slip-ins to book covers with ankle guards 🙄

Just make sure you have a pair in your bag because if a player forgets them then you legally shouldn’t risk them practicing and if it’s a game then they wont be allowed on the field.

52. Foam Rollers

Foam Rollers fire those muscle groups before the game and iron out the knots afterward.

Your players are out there breaking a sweat, showcasing skills that rival Messi’s.

But they’re humans, not machines.

Muscle tightness, soreness can bench your star player.

Avoid it by making Foam Rolling non-negotiable. We’re talking next-level muscle recovery, folks. Do you want your players agile like gazelles? This is how you get there.

And let’s get real—what’s a couple of minutes of “torture” if it means nailing that bicycle kick in the final minutes?

53. GK Wrist Wraps

Ever try to save a shot from a High School Senior with one goal in mind, and it’s not the one you happen to be standing behind?

Beat the coach 😅

They’re not just strips of fabric; they’re shields against fatigue and potential injuries.

They are engineered to provide compression, key in high-octane games, and intense training sessions.

Wrist Wraps are the unsung heroes that give your wrists the support and stability they deserve.

They allow you to lead with both passion and precision.

54. Training Notepad

Scribble down tactical gems, sketch the perfect formation, and jot player stats in real-time.

A Soccer Training Notepad isn’t just a place to doodle; it’s your battle map, tactical bible, and secret weapon in sculpting a squad of soccer savants.

Think about it: in one compact, easy-to-hold format, you’ve got a dynamic record of your team’s journey.

Track individual player progress to fine-tune your coaching strategy.

Pre-plan drills that target agility, accuracy, and technique, customizing each session to meet your team’s unique needs.

And let’s not forget the clutch moments in actual games quickly note opponents’ formations, identify patterns and make game-altering decisions on the fly.

55. Turf Cleats

These shoes are high-performance machines built for the unforgiving arena of artificial turf.

Their smaller, more numerous rubber studs grip the surface like a hawk’s talon, allowing for surgical precision in every pass, cut, and shot.

We’re talking unparalleled traction and stability that make slipping and sliding a thing of the past.

But it’s not just about grip; it’s also about comfort and durability.

Look for Turf Cleats that fuse cushioned midsoles with tough-as-nails synthetic materials, designed for the long haul and easy to maintain.

56. Portable Speaker

Don’t step onto the field without your game-changer: a top-notch portable speaker.

The right playlist can turn a ho-hum practice into a powerhouse session, supercharging your players’ endurance, focus, and even their love of the game.

On the bus to an away game?

Keep team morale soaring by leveraging your portable speaker as an educational tool with strategy podcasts or as the catalyst for some pre-game locker-room energy.

The best Portable Speaker isn’t a luxury; it’s a necessity.

Don’t step onto the field without your game-changer: a top-notch portable speaker.

57. Portable Defribulator

This is 2023, and the name of the game is next-level preparedness.

Imagine this: You’ve crafted the perfect training session, players are in the zone, and then—out of nowhere—a player collapses.

You’ve got seconds to react; what do you do? If you’ve got a portable defibrillator at your side, you’re not just a coach; you’re a lifesaver.
Please don’t kid yourself into thinking it’s excessive; cardiac events don’t send RSVPs.
Modern Portable Defibrillators are compact, user-friendly, and quicker to deploy than setting up a corner kick.
We’re talking about a device that guides you through the process with visual and voice instructions so straightforward even a rookie could handle it.
Do you want to be a game-changer? This device is the real MVP!

58. Water Jug with Handle

A Water Jug With a Sturdy Handle means quick, spill-free hydration for the entire squad, letting you refocus on strategy, not spillage.

This jug isn’t just about function; it’s a symbol of a coach who’s got it together.

Opt for an insulated one; you’ll deliver ice-cold motivation even when the sun’s relentless.
Durable, practical, and even a notch of authority in your stride. That’s what you’re signing up for.

59. Electrolyte Tablets

Picture your squad in the heat of an intense match or training relentlessly on the practice field.

Sweat is pouring, and water alone won’t cut it. Enter electrolyte tablets.

Compact, portable, and incredibly effective, these bad boys replenish vital minerals like sodium, potassium, and magnesium that players lose when they sweat it out.

Forget the sugar-laden sports drinks or hunting down a bunch of bananas; a single tablet dissolved in a water bottle delivers exactly what your athletes need to stay sharp, focused, and energized.
With delicious flavors and effervescent options, it’s a hydration solution your players will actually want to drink.
Your toolkit isn’t complete as a coach without winning strategies, better ball control, and Electrolyte Tablets.

60. Kick Trainer

The Kick Trainer recreates the dynamic scenarios your players will face on the field.

We’re talking adjustable angles, varying heights, and immediate feedback on every shot or pass, allowing you to zoom in on technique like never before.

This training is not about “kicking soccer balls into thin air”; it’s a targeted, customizable approach to mastering the essentials: power, accuracy, and follow-through.
All while boosting cardiovascular and muscular endurance.

61. Athletic Tape + Pre Wrap

Athletic tape is your go-to for that sudden sprained ankle or vulnerable knee, offering robust support and stability that empowers your players to make daring sprints and tackles without a second thought.

But let’s not just play defense—enter pre-wrap, your secret weapon for proactive protection.
Acting as a cushioning barrier, it eradicates skin irritation from tape and doubles as an impromptu sweatband or hair tie.
Lightweight and cost-effective, these essentials easily fit into any coach’s toolkit.

62. Captains Armbands

Imagine it: your team captain, decked out in an armband, serving as the critical bridge between you and the players, making those split-second decisions that turn matches around.

It’s not just about who’s got the fanciest footwork; this armband symbolizes strategic brilliance, mental resilience, and the grit to lead the team to victory.
The captain becomes the on-field general, dialed into your coaching strategy like never before, relaying those last-minute adjustments directly from your playbook to the rest of the squad.
Refs and opponents look twice when they see that Captains Armband, recognizing the authority it grants during intense in-game negotiations and disputes.

63. Indoor Shoes

Imagine confidently navigating those hard, unforgiving indoor courts, your players executing precise footwork and jaw-dropping maneuvers.

The low-profile design amps control and agility, letting you and your players pivot like pros.

That non-marking rubber outsole? That’s your secret weapon for superior grip, eliminating those Bambi-on-ice moments that derail a practice or game.

Comfort? We’ve got you covered. Futsal / Indoor Soccer Shoes feature cutting-edge cushioning technologies that absorb shock, reduce fatigue, and spare your joints from the brunt of the action.

And let’s not forget, a soccer coach’s style sets the tone—choose from various designs to complement your team colors or make your own fashion statement.

64. Passing Arcs

Passing Arcs do more than cones ever could.

They’re not just about threading the needle but about mastering the art of the pass under game-like conditions.

Imagine your team effortlessly splitting defenses, making incisive passes, and controlling the game’s tempo because you incorporated Passing Arcs into your training regimen.
Far from gimmicky, these arcs supercharge drill effectiveness, build tactical awareness, and even double as physical fitness boosters.
Yes, they streamline your training sessions into high-octane, skill-building powerhouses that foster individual technique and cohesive team play.

65. Padded Goal Keeper Gear

Your goalie is the last line of defense.

That line should be impenetrable.

Padded Goalkeeper Gear encompassing specialized jerseys with extra padding on elbows and shoulders, padded shorts safeguarding vulnerable hips and thighs, and cushioned gloves to protect those crucial shot-stopping hands isn’t just gear.
It’s an investment in victory and a bold declaration of your commitment to player safety.
Modern designs provide armor-like protection without compromising mobility, letting your goalkeeper move freely and instilling the entire squad with the confidence to play aggressively.

66. Sports Cooler

It’s more than just a game; it’s a test of willpower, skill, and grit.

But what sustains them?

It’s not just your coaching brilliance. It’s hydration.

That’s where the sports cooler comes into play, an unsung hero that’s not just a “nice-to-have” but a “must-have.”
This isn’t about throwing a few water bottles in a bag; this is about a specialized piece of equipment that screams efficiency and attention to detail.
A top-notch Sports Cooler is an investment in both performance and safety.
We’re talking ample space for water bottles and energy-boosting snacks, state-of-the-art insulation that defies the sweltering heat, and rugged durability that laughs in the face of wear and tear.

67. Dry Erase Markers

No more ghost marks or dried-out tips; get your hands on high-quality markers explicitly designed for the sporting arena, and wave goodbye to disappointment.

Imagine mapping out intricate plays, defensive formations, and set pieces with vibrant, smudge-free colors that bring your tactical vision to life.

Whether it’s during high-stakes matches or intense training sessions, nothing beats the immediacy and clarity of a well-placed arrow or a perfectly drawn circle to illuminate your game-winning strategies.

68. Water Bottles & Carrier

Now pair that with a Convenient Carrier: adjustable straps, extra compartments for your essentials be it energy gels or a stray whistle and easy access so you never miss a hydration beat.

With this dynamic duo, you’re not just quenching thirst but optimizing performance.

This isn’t just about keeping you and your players hydrated; it’s about maintaining razor-sharp focus and peak performance during those adrenaline-fueled minutes that decide matches.

69. Windbreaker

You can’t let something as trivial as the weather sideline your genius. That’s where your windbreaker is not just an item; it’s your sidekick.

You’re dry, comfortable, and 100% focused on the game.

You’re not just a coach but a general in the elements, directing your team’s every move. while shielded in your windbreaker, a masterpiece of water-resistant, windproof technology.

Its breathable fabric lets you move like you’re wearing armor made of air.
It’s not just about withstanding the weather; it’s about embodying authority and professionalism.

70. Walkie-Talkies

We all know that a split-second decision can make or break your season in soccer.

Walkie-talkies let you control the field from multiple angles, synchronize your assistant coaches in drills, and even handle emergencies like a pro.

But let’s be honest, they’re like carrying a brick that could lose signal or die at any moment, especially when the game reaches its climax.
Picture yourself stuck with that low-battery beep in the final minutes! Stressful, right?
Time to modernize, my friends!
From smartphone apps tailored for on-the-go soccer coaching to wireless earpieces offering crystal-clear audio, new-age solutions let you focus on what you do best: turning your team into champions.

71. Energy Gels

It’s rocket fuel in a packet!

Look, I get it; the taste might not be winning any culinary awards, but when you’re on minute 80, and your legs feel like lead, a quick hit of these scientifically formulated carbohydrate concentrates can be a game-changer.

Let’s talk facts: These Energy Gels are engineered to rapidly replenish glycogen stores, giving players a quick, easily digestible surge of energy when needed.
No, it won’t turn you into Messi, but it can keep you sharp and focused during those pivotal game moments.
Incorporate these into your training, and you’re not just giving your team an edge; you’re teaching them about fueling strategies that can elevate their entire athletic performance.

72. Ice Packs

Engineered specifically for sports injuries, they boast a larger, more flexible design to mold to your players’ unique contours, covering more ground than any grocery aisle alternative.

Not just any gel—this is cold therapy at its pinnacle, lasting longer and going deeper to zap pain, cut down swelling, and speed up healing.

These come with adjustable wraps to keep them snugly in position while your players focus on the next big play. But that’s not all.
Post-practice, Therapy Gel Hot or Cold double down as your secret weapon against muscle soreness and fatigue.
Store them in a cooler on the sideline; they’re always ready to deploy.
This isn’t just about treating injuries; it’s about preventing them.

73. Tablet or iPad

Forget the days of scribbled notes and static whiteboards; this sleek device is your command center for next-level coaching.

Dissect game footage with laser precision and gain instant access to an arsenal of coaching apps.

Think animated drills that bring your tactical talks to life, real-time stats that guide your in-game decisions, and even virtual reality simulations for immersive training experiences.

Are you worried about becoming too tech-reliant? Think of it as your assistant coach, one that handles the data so you can focus on what matters, inspiring your team and making those crucial, game-winning calls.
And let’s not overlook the convenience factor; an Ipad or Tablet portability means you can take your tactical genius anywhere, away games or international tournaments.

Control the tempo, set specific intervals for drills that hone speed and agility, and monitor long-term player progress that keeps everyone motivated to smash through their personal bests.

74. Stopwatch

In the heat of the game, keep tabs on critical stoppages and injury time with pinpoint accuracy, making tactical decisions that could be the difference between a loss and a thrilling last-minute victory.

You’ll not only analyze your team’s performance with the granularity you never thought possible but also decode your opponent’s strategies while fostering a culture of healthy competition and unshakeable discipline among your players.

75. Balance Boards

Balance boards aren’t just another fitness fad; they’re your one-stop solution to revolutionizing player performance and coaching effectiveness.
Soccer Balance Ball Board

These masterpieces are like skateboards on steroids, designed to dial up core strength, agility, and that elusive, game-changing element of balance.

Incorporate them into your drills, and you’ll see players maneuver like never before, with a newfound fluidity in their dribbling and a rock-solid stance on defense.
Goalkeepers? They’ll dive like pros, with a precision that turns shots into mere whispers past the post.
And let’s not forget the Balance Boards are a coach’s best ally in injury prevention.
Protect your star players from the dreaded ankle sprain and return injured athletes to form faster.

76. Resistance Bands

Conventional weights target isolated muscles, but resistance bands work across your entire range of motion, mirroring the dynamic movements of soccer itself.

Imagine your players nailing explosive lateral moves, darting past defenders, and pivoting like pros.

That’s what Resistance Bands bring to the table.

Whether it’s honing lower-body powerhouses like quads and hamstrings or fine-tuning stabilizer muscles to ward off injuries, these bands have you covered.
Toss a few in your coaching bag. They’re as portable as they are affordable and prepare to turn every patch of grass into a high-performance training ground.

77. Cold Cloths

When the heat is on, and your players are pushing their limits, Cold Cloths provide instant relief, boosting energy levels and rejuvenating tired muscles.

These lightweight wonders retain cold temperatures, making them the perfect solution for combating muscle soreness and reducing inflammation during demanding drills and intense games.

Not only do Cold Cloths enhance physical recovery, but they also work their magic on the psychological front, building trust and camaraderie within your team.

Elevate your coaching with this simple yet powerful tool, demonstrating your commitment to players’ well-being and performance.

78. Portable Misting Fan

In the heat of a rigorous soccer session, the difference between fatigue and finesse can be a breath of cool air. Meet the Bucket Top Misting Fan Kit, the game-changer your sideline has been missing.

Swap those sweltering breaks for moments of crisp rejuvenation.

This isn’t just a fan; it’s a strategic advantage, delivering both breeze and mist to supercharge recovery.

On blazing match days or during grueling drills, ensure your players have the edge.

Embrace the cool, harness the power, and let your team’s performance speak volumes. Because in soccer, every degree of advantage counts.

Download our Soccer Coach Equipment Checklist Now

Reasons Why You Should Try Out Different Soccer Coach Equipment

Utilizing the right soccer coaching equipment can elevate your coaching experience. Diverse tools enhance training and game readiness. 

  • Tactical gear: Facilitate targeted drills for match scenarios to foster speed and coordination |Cones and agility poles| 
  • Quality gear: Branded gear boosts team performance by ensuring quality control which results in enhancing strength, endurance, and flexibility. |Nike, Adidas, Puma, Forza, Select|
  • Training aids: Push players physically. |Resistance bands and speed parachutes|
  • Specific essentials: Player development thrives with specific essentials equipment that hone techniques. These tools ensure focused practice for each player’s improvement.  |Passing arcs and rebounders| 
  • Player welfare aids: Aid recovery and prevent injuries. |foam rollers and prevent injuries|
  • Field equipment: Sets up a proper play environment. |Nets and corner flags|

Exploring varied coaching gear benefits coaches and players alike, from improving performance to fostering growth in the beautiful game. Embrace the array of tools available for unlocking your team’s full potential.

What Is Soccer Coaching Equipment?

Soccer Coaching Equipment is the essential tools of the trade that every soccer coach must possess.

Soccer coach equipment can be a great way to run better trainings, and it can also turn into running a part-time or even full-time business.

Soccer coaching equipment is essential for optimizing team performance and player development.

Tactical gear like cones and ladders helps simulate game scenarios, while performance tools such as GPS trackers provide valuable metrics.

First aid kits and foam rollers focus on player welfare. Field gear, including portable goals, rounds out the arsenal.

Soccer Coach Must Haves: The Essential Soccer Coach Equipment For Training?

  • Pennies/ Bibs
  • Cones
  • Small goals / Pugs
  • Poles
  • Soccer Balls

Best Soccer Coach Equipment for Youth

The best soccer coach equipment for youth is:

  • Cones: for dribbling through
  • Hurdles: for jumping over
  • Agility Poles: for avoiding while running with the ball

Pro Tips:

  • Provide a range of trainings throughout the season and develop a broader set of skills.
  • Keep training sessions engaging and fun, which is crucial for this TikTok generation.
  • Different equipment allows coaches to focus on tailored skill development. Youth players to recognize what they’ll be working on.
  • Can help simulate actual game situations which allows players to get used to spatial arrangements.
  • Utilizing the proper equipment for specific drills can help minimize the risk of injuries.
  • Some modern equipment comes with built-in technology that can track player performance over time.

Best Soccer Coach Equipment for Youth

  • Adidas: Known for quality sports accessories and field equipment, offers a comprehensive range of soccer coach equipment.

  • Nike: Renowned for innovation in sports technology, focuses on performance enhancement and player development through cutting-edge coaching tools.

  • Puma: Specializes in training gear and game preparation tools, also emphasizes player welfare and recovery products.

  • SKLZ: Offers innovative training aids targeting specific skills and techniques for players at different levels.

Choosing the right brand depends on your coaching priorities, be it Adidas for a comprehensive range or Nike for performance focus. Assess your needs to find the most effective equipment for your coaching style.

How Do I Start A Soccer Coaching Business?

To start with you need to have a solid understanding of the game itself.
Sure, you might have played soccer in your youth or even watched countless soccer games on TV, but that doesn’t mean you’re automatically qualified to be a coach.
You need to know the ins and outs of soccer strategy, how to safely develop athletes, and run proper trainings.

That being said, there are a few options. If you want to start a soccer coaching business in the 2020s, here are a few things to remember.

First, consider what you’re good at or position you played. Do you have a knack for scoring or possession? Are you a beast in goal? Leveraging your strengths on the field will help you find a profitable training niche.

Next, consider your schedule and commitments. A soccer coaching job should augment your existing income, not replace it.

So make sure you have the time between 3pm and 6pm each day to dedicate to your soccer business without sacrificing your full-time job or other obligations.

Why (3-6pm)? This is after school and before youth player’s practice. The largest market for private coaching is to youth players.

Is a Soccer Coaching Business Worth It?

Yes, a soccer coaching business is absolutely worth it. Soccer is one of the most popular sports in the world.
It has a massive following and continues to attract players of all ages and skill levels. There is always a demand for qualified coaches who can provide guidance and training to aspiring soccer stars.

A Few Reasons Why You Should Try Out Different Soccer Coach Equipment

  • Different equipment can provide a range of trainings and develop a broader set of skills.
  • Using different types of equipment can keep training sessions engaging and fun, which is crucial for this TikTok generation.
  • Different equipment allows coaches to focus on tailored skill development.
  • Can help simulate actual game situations which allows players to get used to spatial arrangements.
  • Utilizing the proper equipment for specific drills can help minimize the risk of injuries.
  • Some modern equipment comes with built-in technology that can track player performance over time.

Tips On How To Start Implementing New Soccer Coach Equipment Right Now

Before I go giving you tips just know that it’s not enough to simply acquire the latest gadgets; you need a plan.

Tip #1

  • Familiarize yourself with the features and benefits of each piece of equipment before introducing it to your players. Don’t interrupt the flow of practice just to added something in.

There is no shortage of soccer coach equipment out there, but not all of it will be suitable for your approach.

If you are focused on technical skills? Look for equipment that emphasizes ball control and passing accuracy.

Invest in equipment that aligns with your coaching philosophy and style.

Are you more interested in physical conditioning? Seek out gear that aids in speed and agility training.

Tip #2

  • Solicit feedback from both players and assistant coaches during this implementation process. If it’s good for everyone then adopt it into your training structure.


What we have found is that a soccer coach should have 10-20 soccer balls for a youth team and 30-40 balls for a High School, Semi-Pro, and Pro team.  Always consider the specific needs of your team and your training objectives.

However, the number of soccer balls a coach should will always depends on various factors, including the type of drills they plan to run, the player’s age and skill level, the team’s size, and their budget. Here’s a guideline to help you decide:

  1. Essential Requirement: Every player should have access to a ball. This access is crucial for youth teams, where maximizing touches on the ball can significantly improve technical skills. So, for a squad of, say, 20 players, having at least 20 balls is ideal.
  2. Drills & Activities: Some drills require multiple balls simultaneously for repetition or specific training exercises. For instance, shooting drills may be more efficient if numerous players can shoot in rapid succession without waiting for ball retrieval.
  3. Age & Skill Level: Younger players or those at beginner levels might benefit from each having their ball during training to work on basic skills. Advanced players need fewer balls during specific technical drills but more for tactical and situational drills.
  4. Backup: It’s always good to have a few extra balls on hand if some are damaged or go missing.
  5. Budget: While having many balls is ideal, they can be costly. Coaches might have to balance their perfect number with what they can afford.
  6. Storage & Transport: If you’re constantly on the move or don’t have a dedicated storage space, carrying a lot of balls might be impractical.

The best way to coach soccer without any experience is to volunteer at your local youth rec league. Try to pic a club that has an academy. Let the Competitive Director know you want to continue on a coaching path. This will get you started. Now that you’ve started the journey you should take steps to become a better coach every single day. Here’s a step-by-step guide to develop your coaching skills and knowledge:

  1. Educate Yourself:

    • Books & Manuals: Start with basics. Books like “Soccer For Dummies” or coaching manuals from soccer associations can be a good starting point.
    • Online Resources: There are countless websites, video tutorials, and online courses dedicated to soccer coaching.
    • Coaching Courses: Many national soccer associations offer beginner coaching courses. These courses provide both theoretical knowledge and practical experience.
  2. Attend Matches & Training Sessions: Watching youth matches and attending training sessions (with permission) can provide invaluable insight into coaching styles, drills, and tactics.

  3. Understand the Basics: Familiarize yourself with basic rules, positions, and game structures. You don’t need to be an expert tactician, but you should understand the foundational elements of the game.

  4. Start Simple: Begin with basic drills that focus on fundamental skills like passing, shooting, and dribbling. As you gain more confidence, you can introduce more complex exercises and tactics.

  5. Ask for Help: If you know anyone with soccer experience, don’t hesitate to ask for advice or assistance. Even if it’s just to run a few drills or explain some tactics.

  6. Be Patient: Accept that there will be a learning curve. You’ll make mistakes, and that’s okay. The important thing is to learn from them.

  7. Communicate: Always maintain open communication with your players. Ask them for feedback and be receptive to it. If you don’t know the answer to a question, it’s okay to admit it and find out later.

  8. Focus on Fun & Development: Especially with younger players, the primary goal should be to foster a love for the game and help players develop their skills. Winning is great, but it shouldn’t be the only focus.

  9. Stay Organized: Plan your training sessions in advance. Know what drills you’ll run, how long they’ll last, and what equipment you’ll need. This will make your sessions run much smoother.

  10. Safety First: Ensure all players have the proper equipment and are aware of safety guidelines. Understand basic first-aid procedures and always have a first-aid kit on hand.

  11. Continue Learning: As with any skill, continuous learning is crucial. Attend more advanced coaching courses, seek mentorship, and always be on the lookout for new drills or techniques.

Remember, there have been so many great coaches who started with little to no experience. What’s important is your commitment to the role, your dedication to the players, and your willingness to learn.

The special equipment that is needed for soccer is a soccer ball and a pair of cleats. A pair of cleats is not even required. Soccer, also called football globally, enthusiasts play every single day with the bare minimum. A love for the sport and a soccer ball.

If you are playing for a team or in a league then this equipment will be required. (Cleats, socks, shin guards, matching uniforms)

Improving your soccer coach involves helping them recognize areas for growth and supporting their ongoing education and development. Here’s a multi-step approach to potentially enhance your coach’s performance:

  1. Open Dialogue: Begin with a conversation. Constructive feedback, delivered respectfully, can be invaluable. Understand their perspective, discuss areas they feel they could improve in, and offer your observations.

  2. Set Goals: Just as players have development goals, coaches should too. Help them set clear, achievable goals related to coaching techniques, communication, tactical understanding, etc.

  3. Encourage Continuous Learning:

    • Coaching Courses: Encourage your coach to take courses from soccer associations or federations. These often offer certifications for different coaching levels.
    • Workshops & Seminars: These can be great for picking up new drills, tactics, or coaching methodologies.
    • Online Resources: There are countless coaching websites, forums, and video platforms where they can learn from other experienced coaches.
  4. Mentorship: Suggest they find a mentor, a more experienced coach who can offer advice, guidance, and feedback. This relationship can be invaluable in terms of personal and professional growth.

  5. Attend Other Practices: Encouraging your coach to watch other teams’ training sessions can expose them to different coaching styles, drills, and tactics.

  6. Feedback from Players: Organize regular feedback sessions where players can discuss what they feel is working in training, what isn’t, and any other suggestions. It’s important this is done in a constructive manner.

  7. Self-Assessment: Encourage your coach to critically assess their performance after each training session or match. What went well? What could have been done differently? Self-reflection can lead to personal growth.

  8. Stay Updated: The world of soccer is constantly evolving. Whether it’s new training methods, changes in rules, or tactical innovations, encourage your coach to stay updated with the latest trends.

  9. Team Building: Sometimes, improving as a coach isn’t just about soccer-specific skills. Engage in team-building exercises or workshops that can enhance communication and group dynamics.

  10. Delegate: If your coach is feeling overwhelmed, they might benefit from delegating some responsibilities, such as organizing drills or administrative tasks, to assistant coaches or team managers.

  11. Provide Resources: If possible, provide your coach with the necessary resources, whether it’s books, access to online platforms, or funds to attend courses.

  12. Encourage a Growth Mindset: Encourage your coach to adopt a growth mindset, where challenges are seen as opportunities for improvement rather than insurmountable problems.

Remember, improvement is a two-way street. Just as players need support, encouragement, and resources to improve, so do coaches. The more the team, management, and the larger community support the coach’s development, the more likely they are to succeed and, in turn, elevate the team’s performance.

The equipment you need to practice is specific on the team needs, the coach’s methodology, and available resources. Always ensure that your equipment and training match your players’ skill level and physical development.


  • Soccer Ball: Basic size appropriate for their age.
  • Soccer Cleats: Comfortable and safe, suitable for beginners.
  • Shin Guards: Essential for protection.
  • Socks: Long socks to cover shin guards.
  • Sportswear: Comfortable and breathable clothing for kids.
  • Cones: Useful for basic dribbling and movement drills.
  • Small Goals or Pop-up Goals: Suitable for small-sided games.
  • Water Bottles: Ensuring kids stay hydrated.
  • First Aid Kit: For minor injuries.


  • Soccer Ball: Standard adult size.
  • Soccer Cleats: Higher quality, potentially based on playing position.
  • Shin Guards: Advanced protection and fit.
  • Sportswear: Suitable for more intense play.
  • Cones: For advanced drills and training exercises.
  • Agility Ladders: For footwork and agility training.
  • Training Poles: Used for various drills.
  • Rebounders: For refining passing and shooting.
  • Bibs/Pinnies: For scrimmages and practice games.
  • Goals: Full-sized or medium goals for practice and small-sided games.
  • Goalkeeping Equipment: If the team has dedicated goalkeepers.
  • Ball Pump: To ensure balls remain well-inflated.
  • Whistle: Essential for coaches.
  • Tactics Board: Useful for explaining strategies.
  • Stopwatch/Timer: For timed drills and exercises.


  • Soccer Ball: Professional grade.
  • Advanced Soccer Cleats: Position-specific and of the highest quality.
  • High-end Shin Guards: Offering maximum protection and comfort.
  • Advanced Sportswear: Incorporating the latest technology for performance and recovery.
  • Cones, Agility Ladders, Hurdles, Training Poles: For intricate drills and exercises.
  • Advanced Rebounders: Precision training.
  • Passing Arcs and Free Kick Mannequins: For set-piece training.
  • High-quality Goals: Professional standard.
  • Bibs/Pinnies: For training sessions.
  • Tactics Board and Video Analysis Tools: Detailed game plan discussions.
  • Resistance Bands or Parachutes: Advanced strength and speed training.
  • Nutrition Supplements and Recovery Tools: For optimal performance and recovery.
  • Personalized Goalkeeping Equipment: Tailored to individual needs.

For your first soccer practice you should bring cones, pennies/bibs, a whistle, and agility poles. I have all of my athletes bring their own ball and carry the equipment I just listed in my collapsible wagon. There are other pieces of equipment I would recommend but they are not required. Preparation is key to making a great first impression and setting the tone of the season so be sure to start strong. Here’s a checklist of items I’ve put together to make it easy on you 😉:

  1. Equipment:

    • Balls: Ensure you have enough for your team. Having multiple balls ensures more active participation during drills.
    • Cones: Useful for marking out areas, setting up drills, and creating boundaries.
    • Bibs/Pinnies: To divide teams or differentiate between players in certain drills.
    • Goalkeeper Gloves: If you have goalies in your practice.
    • First Aid Kit: For minor injuries.
    • Pump and Needle: For inflating any flat balls.
    • Whistle: Essential for getting attention and signaling.
    • Clipboard with Field Diagram: For drawing out drills and explaining positions.
    • Stopwatch/Timer: For timing drills or setting limits.
  2. Plan and Curriculum:

    • Structured Practice Plan: Outline what you plan to do minute-by-minute.
    • Backup Drills: Sometimes a drill doesn’t go as planned or you might need to fill time.
    • Focus on Basics: Especially for younger or less experienced teams, focus on fundamental skills like passing, shooting, dribbling, and basic tactics.
  3. Personal Items:

    • Water Bottle: Stay hydrated, and encourage your players to bring their own.
    • Sunscreen: If you’re practicing outdoors during sunny days.
    • Hat and Sunglasses: For protection against sun.
    • Comfortable Attire: Wear athletic clothing, including soccer shoes, so you can demonstrate drills if necessary.
  4. Administrative:

    • Team Roster: So you know all your players and any relevant details (like positions or medical concerns).
    • Contact List: Have the contact information for all players and their guardians.
    • Attendance Sheet: To keep track of who’s coming to practices.

The best way to coach soccer for the first time is to go volunteer at a local youth rec league close to your home. Try to pick a rec league that also has an academy. That way you have a chance to progress as a coach. Let the Competitive Director of the club know you’re interested in the coaching path. This will get you started. From here you’ll be coaching soccer for the first. It’ll feel like there’s a lot you don’t know but that’s okay. We cover tons of topics to help coaches take steps to become a better coach every single day.

To be a great coach you need to have a mix of technical knowledge, interpersonal skills, great leadership skills, high adaptability, and strive to continuously learn. I’ve put together a list of tips to help you to become a great soccer coach:

  1. Deepen Your Tactical and Technical Knowledge:

    • Keep studying the game. This means not only knowing basic tactics and techniques but also staying updated with evolving trends and strategies.
    • Watch games (both live and recorded) and analyze them. Look for patterns, tactics, and strategies used by successful teams and coaches.
  2. Develop Strong Communication Skills:

    • Clearly convey your ideas and instructions. Ensure that players understand their roles and responsibilities.
    • Listen actively to your players. They might provide feedback or insights that you haven’t considered.
  3. Build Relationships:

    • Get to know each player individually. Understanding their strengths, weaknesses, motivations, and personal challenges will help you coach them effectively.
    • Build trust. Players should feel comfortable approaching you with issues or concerns.
  4. Foster a Positive Environment:

    • Celebrate successes and use failures as learning opportunities.
    • Prioritize team cohesion and morale. A united team often outperforms a group of individual stars.
  5. Adaptability:

    • Be prepared to adjust tactics and strategies based on the game situation, the opposition, and even the condition of your own players.
    • Recognize that each player is unique. What motivates one might not work for another.
  6. Stay Updated and Continue Learning:

    • Regularly attend coaching courses, workshops, and seminars.
    • Network with other coaches, share experiences, and learn from each other.
  7. Focus on Player Development:

    • Success isn’t just about winning games. Prioritize the growth and development of each player.
    • Implement individualized training sessions or drills when possible, targeting specific areas for improvement.
  8. Set Clear Goals and Expectations:

    • Begin each season by outlining the team’s goals. This gives players a clear direction and purpose.
    • Regularly evaluate progress and adjust as necessary.
  9. Professionalism:

    • Always act with integrity and honesty.
    • Treat players, officials, opponents, and parents with respect. Set the standard for your team.
  10. Preparation:

  • Plan each training session in detail. Know what you want to achieve and how you intend to get there.
  • Scout opponents when possible and prepare your team accordingly.
  1. Manage Conflicts:
  • Address conflicts promptly, whether they’re between players or between a player and yourself.
  • Strive for fair resolutions and ensure that all parties feel heard.
  1. Prioritize Health and Safety:
  • Ensure players are well-conditioned and understand the importance of fitness and recovery.
  • Be vigilant about potential injuries and prioritize player health over game results.

This is a lot so before you get lost in the sauce remember that every coach has their own unique style. While it’s great to learn from others, it’s also important to find what works best for you and your team. Stay patient and passionate, and always keep the best interests of your players at heart.


Implementing new soccer coach equipment not only keeps things fresh but also adds an element of excitement for both the players and the coach.

Imagine your player’s faces lighting up as they see a new obstacle course set up on the field or a brand-new set of training poles ready for action.

It showcases your commitment to their development and shows that you are willing to go above and beyond to provide them with the best training experience possible.

Need a team to coach with? Read this blog post on the best ways to start coaching.

Connor Callahan Primal Keeper

Connor Callahan

Connor Callahan is a Youth Soccer Coach and Entrepreneur, best known for founding the highly successful Primal Keeper Academy and the soccer training program, Better Ball Control. With over a decade of experience, Connor has a proven track record of leading hundreds of youth soccer players across competitive South Eastern Soccer Tournaments like Nona Cup, Space Coast Clash, SOSC Labor Day Cup, and many more. His expert advise has been been viewed by over 100,000 viewers on YouTube. Additionally, Connor’s soccer coaching strategies shared via Primal Keeper Academy’s social media platforms reach thousands of viewers annually.

Connor Callahan is a Youth Soccer Coach and Entrepreneur, best known for founding the highly successful Primal Keeper Academy and the soccer training program, Better Ball Control. He coaches at South Orlando Soccer Club and Boone High School. With over a decade of experience, Connor has a proven track record of leading hundreds of youth soccer players across competitive South Eastern Soccer Seasons and Tournaments like Nona Cup, Space Coast Clash, SOSC Labor Day Cup, and many more. His expert advise has been been viewed by hundreds of thousands of viewers on YouTube. Additionally, Connor’s soccer coaching strategies shared via social media platforms reach thousands of viewers annually.

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