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When Did Messi Start Playing Professional Soccer? – Find Out Here!

when did messi start playing professional soccer

Lionel Messi, the renowned soccer player, started his professional career at a young age. Let’s delve into the timeline of when he first stepped onto the professional soccer field.

  • Lionel Messi began his professional soccer career at the age of 17 in October 2004.
  • He made his official debut for Barcelona and went on to have a successful career with the club.
  • Messi played for Barcelona for 17 seasons before joining Paris Saint-Germain in 2021.
  • In 2023, he signed with Inter Miami, a Major League Soccer team.
  • Messi has also represented the Argentina national team, winning the Copa America and the World Cup.
  • Throughout his career, Messi has won multiple titles and broken numerous records.
  • He has been awarded the Ballon d’Or a record six times, showcasing his exceptional skills and talent.

Messi’s Early Years in Soccer

Messi’s passion for soccer ignited at a young age, and he began playing the sport as a child. Born on June 24, 1987, in Rosario, Argentina, Lionel Messi showed exceptional talent and determination from an early age. He joined his first club, Grandoli, at the tender age of five. It was clear from the beginning that Messi had a natural gift for the game, and his skills quickly attracted attention.

At the age of 11, Messi caught the eye of talent scouts from the prestigious FC Barcelona. Recognizing his immense potential, Barcelona offered Messi the opportunity of a lifetime, and he moved to Spain with his family to pursue his soccer dreams. In Barcelona’s renowned youth academy, La Masia, Messi’s talent continued to blossom, and he quickly rose through the ranks.

By the age of 17, Messi had made a name for himself within the Barcelona organization as an exceptional player with immense potential. It was in October 2004 when Messi made his official debut for Barcelona’s first team, becoming the youngest player in the club’s history to do so. This marked the beginning of a legendary career that would see Messi become one of the greatest soccer players of all time.

Lionel Messi playing soccer as a child

Throughout his early years in soccer, Messi exhibited extraordinary skills, combining exceptional control, agility, and clinical finishing abilities. He quickly became an integral part of Barcelona’s success, contributing to numerous domestic and international titles. Messi’s incredible speed, dribbling, and goal-scoring prowess set him apart from his peers, establishing him as a true icon of the sport.

As Messi’s career progressed, he continued to break records and achieve unprecedented success. His journey from a young aspiring player in Argentina to becoming a global soccer superstar is an inspiring testament to his talent, dedication, and unwavering love for the beautiful game.

Messi’s Journey to FC Barcelona

Messi’s talent caught the attention of FC Barcelona, and he officially joined their youth academy at a pivotal moment in his career. It was a significant step that would shape his future as one of the greatest football players of all time.

Arriving in Barcelona at the age of 13, Messi quickly demonstrated his exceptional skills and ability to read the game. He progressed through the youth ranks, showcasing his agility, speed, and technique on the pitch.

At the age of 17, Messi made his debut for the senior team in October 2004, becoming the youngest player to represent Barcelona in an official match. It was just the beginning of a remarkable journey that would see him achieve unparalleled success with the club.

Lionel Messi playing for Barcelona

Over the course of his 17 seasons at Barcelona, Messi helped the team win numerous domestic and international titles, including ten La Liga championships and four UEFA Champions League titles. His ability to score goals, create opportunities for his teammates, and make decisive plays in crucial moments earned him admiration and respect from fans, coaches, and fellow players around the world.

Throughout his remarkable career, Messi has mesmerized audiences with his dribbling skills, vision, and goal-scoring prowess. His ability to effortlessly control the ball and navigate through opposing defenses has become his trademark. He has broken numerous records, including becoming the all-time leading scorer in Barcelona’s history and setting new standards for individual performances.

Messi’s journey to FC Barcelona marked the beginning of an extraordinary career that continues to inspire and captivate football fans globally. His impact on the sport is undeniable, and his legacy will forever be etched in the annals of football history.

Messi’s Professional Debut for Barcelona

In October 2004, at the age of 17, Messi made his highly anticipated professional debut for Barcelona, marking the beginning of his illustrious career. Born with exceptional talent and remarkable skills, Messi quickly became a fan favorite and demonstrated his immense potential on the field.

The young Argentine forward showcased his exceptional dribbling ability, lightning-fast speed, and precise finishing, leaving opponents in awe. His debut performance was a glimpse of what was to come, as he displayed an innate understanding of the game and an ability to create scoring opportunities for himself and his teammates.

Throughout his time at Barcelona, Messi played a pivotal role in the team’s success, helping them win numerous domestic and international titles. He formed a formidable partnership with fellow stars such as Xavi and Iniesta, and together they crafted a brand of football that was both mesmerizing and effective.

Year Trophy
2004-2005 La Liga
2005-2006 UEFA Champions League
2008-2009 La Liga
2010-2011 UEFA Champions League
2014-2015 La Liga
2014-2015 Copa del Rey

Messi’s impact on the team was undeniable, and his success on the field earned him numerous individual accolades, including a record six Ballon d’Or titles. His continued success and dedication to the game have solidified his place among the greatest footballers of all time.

“I have seen the player who will inherit my place in Argentine football and his name is Messi.” – Diego Maradona

Lionel Messi playing soccer

Messi’s professional debut for Barcelona in October 2004 marked the beginning of his illustrious career. At just 17 years old, he demonstrated remarkable skill, electrifying fans with his dribbling ability, speed, and precision. Throughout his time at Barcelona, Messi played a key role in the team’s success, winning numerous titles and forming an unforgettable partnership with players like Xavi and Iniesta.

During his career at Barcelona, Messi helped the team secure various prestigious trophies, including La Liga and the UEFA Champions League. His exceptional performances on the field earned him a record six Ballon d’Or titles, solidifying his status as one of the greatest footballers of all time.

Off the field, Messi’s impact extends beyond his club career. He has represented the Argentina national team, winning the Copa America and playing a crucial role in their success. Messi’s dedication, passion, and unmatched talent continue to inspire millions of fans around the world.

Messi’s Impact at Barcelona

From the start of his career, Messi showcased exceptional skills and quickly became a key player for Barcelona. His talent and performance on the field earned him recognition as one of the best players in the world. Messi’s ability to dribble past defenders, score stunning goals, and create scoring opportunities for his teammates set him apart from others. His vision and understanding of the game allowed him to make crucial passes and contribute to the team’s success.

  • Messi’s partnership with other talented players such as Xavi Hernandez and Andres Iniesta formed the core of Barcelona’s dominant era, known as the “tiki-taka” style of play.
  • During his time at Barcelona, Messi helped the club win numerous domestic and international titles, including multiple La Liga titles and UEFA Champions League trophies.
  • His records and achievements, such as becoming Barcelona’s all-time leading scorer and winning the FIFA World Player of the Year award, solidified his status as a true legend of the game.

Off the field, Messi’s humble personality and dedication to his craft endeared him to fans around the world. He represented the values of the club and became an influential figure not only in Barcelona but also in the global football community.

Messi's Impact at Barcelona

Competition Number of Titles
La Liga 10
UEFA Champions League 4
Copa del Rey 7
FIFA Club World Cup 3

Messi’s impact at Barcelona cannot be overstated. His contributions to the club’s success will forever be remembered and cherished by fans worldwide.

Messi’s Record-Breaking Achievements

Messi’s professional soccer journey spanned a remarkable length of time, and he achieved incredible milestones along the way. Since making his debut for Barcelona at the age of 17 in October 2004, Messi has become one of the greatest football players of all time. Over the course of his career, he has won numerous titles and broken countless records, establishing himself as a true icon in the world of soccer.

During his 17 seasons at Barcelona, Messi won an impressive 10 La Liga titles, 7 Copa del Rey titles, 4 UEFA Champions League titles, and 3 FIFA Club World Cup titles. He also set the record for the most goals scored in a single season in Europe’s top five leagues, netting an incredible 91 goals in the 2012-2013 season. Messi’s goal-scoring prowess and ability to create opportunities for his teammates have earned him the reputation as one of the most dangerous and influential players on the field.

Not only has Messi excelled at the club level, but he has also made significant contributions to the Argentina national team. In 2021, he led Argentina to victory in the Copa America, ending a 28-year trophy drought for the national team. Messi’s performance throughout the tournament was outstanding, earning him the title of the tournament’s best player and further cementing his status as a football legend.

Individually, Messi’s list of accolades is nothing short of extraordinary. He has won the prestigious Ballon d’Or award a record six times, solidifying his place among the greatest footballers in history. His skill, agility, and unmatched ability to score goals have captivated fans around the world and inspired generations of aspiring young players.

Club Titles Individual Awards
10 La Liga titles 6 Ballon d’Or titles
7 Copa del Rey titles 1 FIFA Club World Cup Golden Ball
4 UEFA Champions League titles 4 UEFA Best Player in Europe Awards
3 FIFA Club World Cup titles 6 Golden Foot Awards

Messi’s impact on the sport of soccer cannot be overstated. His skill, determination, and unparalleled achievements have solidified his legacy and inspired countless individuals around the world. As Messi continues to make his mark on the game, fans eagerly anticipate the next chapter in his extraordinary career.


Messi's Record-Breaking Achievements

After a remarkable tenure at Barcelona, Messi took his talents to Paris Saint-Germain, where he continued to make a significant impact. In August 2021, Messi joined the French club, signing a two-year contract with the option for a third year. His arrival in Paris was met with great anticipation and excitement, as fans eagerly awaited the opportunity to see the Argentine superstar in action wearing the PSG jersey.

During his time at Paris Saint-Germain, Messi formed a formidable attacking trio alongside fellow superstars Neymar and Kylian Mbappe. The trio, often referred to as the “MCN,” showcased their exceptional talent and skill, mesmerizing fans with their incredible performances on the field. Messi’s presence brought a wealth of experience and leadership to the team, guiding them to success both domestically and in European competitions.

Messi’s impact at Paris Saint-Germain extended beyond the pitch. The club experienced a significant increase in merchandise sales, ticket demands, and global attention with the addition of the legendary player. His immense popularity and talent elevated the profile of the team, making PSG a force to be reckoned with on the international stage.

Club Years Appearances Goals Assists
Paris Saint-Germain 2021 – Present 60+ 45+ 30+

Messi playing for Paris Saint-Germain

“Being part of Paris Saint-Germain is an incredible experience. The team’s ambition and the support of the fans have made my time here truly special. I am grateful for the opportunity to wear the PSG colors and contribute to the club’s success.”

Messi’s Journey at Paris Saint-Germain

Messi’s journey at Paris Saint-Germain has been a testament to his continued dominance and passion for the game. He has played a pivotal role in helping the team secure multiple victories and has been instrumental in their pursuit of silverware. Whether through his precise passing, breathtaking goals, or exceptional vision on the field, Messi continues to showcase why he is considered one of the greatest footballers of all time.

Messi’s Move to Inter Miami

In 2023, Messi made a move to Inter Miami, bringing his exceptional skills to the American soccer scene. After a successful career at Barcelona and his short stint with Paris Saint-Germain, Messi’s decision to join Inter Miami marked a new chapter in his illustrious career. As one of the most celebrated footballers in the world, Messi’s arrival in the United States generated tremendous excitement among soccer fans and ignited a renewed interest in the sport across the country.

Lionel Messi playing for Inter Miami

Messi’s move to Inter Miami not only brought his unparalleled talent to the team but also elevated the profile of Major League Soccer. His presence on the field drew larger crowds to matches and garnered increased media attention, showcasing the growth and potential of soccer in the United States.

With his impressive skills and extraordinary vision, Messi quickly made an impact on Inter Miami’s performance. His ability to control the game, create scoring opportunities, and score goals himself solidified his position as one of the key players in the team. Fans eagerly anticipated each match to witness Messi’s unparalleled talent and witness history in the making.

Club Seasons Appearances Goals
Inter Miami 2023-Present 58 42

Messi’s Achievements at Inter Miami:

  • MLS Golden Boot: 2024, 2025
  • MLS MVP: 2024, 2025
  • MLS Best Goal: 2024

Messi’s time at Inter Miami has not only been marked by his individual success but also by the positive impact he has had on the team and the league as a whole. His presence has elevated the level of competition and inspired younger players to strive for excellence. As Messi continues to dazzle fans with his extraordinary skills, his journey in American soccer is just beginning, and the anticipation for what lies ahead is palpable.

Messi’s Success with the Argentina National Team

Messi’s career extends beyond his club performances, as he has also had immense success representing the Argentina national team. He made his debut for the national team in 2005 and has since become one of the country’s most iconic and influential players.

One of the greatest achievements of Messi’s career with Argentina came in 2021 when he led the team to victory in the Copa America. After years of heartbreak and near-misses, Messi finally lifted an international trophy, solidifying his status as a legend of the sport. His performances throughout the tournament were exceptional, and he played a crucial role in guiding Argentina to glory.

In addition to the Copa America, Messi has also represented Argentina in several FIFA World Cups. Although the team has come close to winning the tournament in the past, they fell short in the final stages. Nevertheless, Messi’s contributions to the national team cannot be understated, and he has consistently shown his skill, leadership, and dedication to his country.

Year Tournament Achievement
2005 FIFA U-20 World Cup Winner
2014 FIFA World Cup Runner-Up
2021 Copa America Winner

As Messi continues his career, both at the club level and with the Argentina national team, his impact on the sport and his country’s footballing history will forever be remembered. His dedication, skill, and relentless pursuit of excellence have made him a true icon of the game.

Messi with the Argentina national team

Messi’s journey in professional soccer has been nothing short of remarkable. From his early years playing as a child to his record-breaking achievements at Barcelona and his continued success with the Argentina national team, Messi’s impact on the sport is undeniable. His exceptional talent, dedication, and love for the game have earned him numerous accolades and the admiration of fans worldwide. Messi’s story serves as an inspiration to aspiring young soccer players and a testament to the power of passion and hard work.

Messi’s Individual Accolades

Over the years, Messi has amassed a remarkable collection of individual awards, solidifying his status as one of the greatest soccer players of all time. His talent and consistent performance on the field have garnered him numerous accolades and recognition from both fans and experts in the game.

“I have seen the player who will inherit my place in Argentine football and his name is Messi. Messi is a genius.” – Diego Maradona

Throughout his illustrious career, Messi has been honored with the prestigious Ballon d’Or award six times, making him the record holder for the most wins in history. This award is presented annually to the best player in the world and is a testament to Messi’s exceptional skills, remarkable goal-scoring ability, and on-field leadership.

In addition to the Ballon d’Or, Messi has also received numerous other individual honors, including the FIFA World Player of the Year award, which he has won once. He has been named the top scorer in various leagues and tournaments, earning recognition as the Golden Boot winner multiple times.

Individual Awards and Honors:

Award Quantity
Ballon d’Or 6
FIFA World Player of the Year 1
Golden Boot Multiple

Messi’s incredible talent, dedication to the sport, and remarkable achievements have firmly established him as a legend in the world of soccer. His individual awards serve as a testament to his exceptional abilities and his impact on the game. As Messi continues to showcase his unmatched skills on the field, fans eagerly await to see what other records he will break and honors he will receive in the future.

Lionel Messi receiving the Ballon d'Or award


Lionel Messi’s professional soccer career has been nothing short of extraordinary, with his talent, skill, and dedication defining him as a true legend in the sport.

From his early years in soccer to his journey to FC Barcelona, Messi’s impact on the club and the sport as a whole cannot be overstated. He made his professional debut for Barcelona at the age of 17 in October 2004, and for the next 17 seasons, he mesmerized fans around the world with his exceptional abilities.

During his time at Barcelona, Messi won numerous titles and broke countless records. His remarkable achievements include six Ballon d’Or titles, a testament to his unrivaled skill and influence on the game. In 2021, he joined Paris Saint-Germain, bringing his unparalleled talent to a new team, before making a move to Inter Miami in 2023.

Not only did Messi excel at the club level, but he also made significant contributions to the Argentina national team. He played a pivotal role in leading his country to victory in the Copa America and reaching the World Cup final. His passion for the game and his determination to succeed have made him a hero in his home country and an inspiration to aspiring soccer players worldwide.

Lionel Messi’s journey in professional soccer will forever be remembered as one of the greatest in history. His impact on the sport transcends borders and generations, and his individual accolades speak volumes about his unparalleled talent. As Messi continues to make history, his legacy as a true soccer icon is firmly cemented.


Q: When did Messi start playing professional soccer?

A: Lionel Messi started playing professional soccer for Barcelona at the age of 17 in October 2004.

Q: How long did Messi play for Barcelona?

A: Messi played for Barcelona for 17 seasons before joining Paris Saint-Germain in 2021 and later signing with Inter Miami in 2023.

Q: What titles did Messi win with Barcelona?

A: Messi won multiple titles with Barcelona, including domestic league titles, Copa del Rey titles, and UEFA Champions League titles.

Q: Did Messi play for the Argentina national team?

A: Yes, Messi has represented the Argentina national team and has won the Copa America and played in the World Cup.

Q: How many Ballon d’Or titles has Messi won?

A: Messi has won a record six Ballon d’Or titles throughout his career.

Q: Where did Messi move after leaving Barcelona?

A: After leaving Barcelona, Messi joined Paris Saint-Germain before later signing with Inter Miami in 2023.

Q: What are some of Messi’s individual records and achievements?

A: Messi has numerous individual records and achievements, including being the all-time top scorer for Barcelona and holding the record for the most goals in a calendar year.

Q: How has Messi’s career impacted the world of soccer?

A: Messi’s exceptional skills and achievements have made a significant impact on the world of soccer, inspiring countless players and fans worldwide.

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